RESURGAM ("I Will Rise Again")

Kiss Chase
Session 1

Present: Ben (GM), Jack (Frank), Tim (Chris) and Scott (Thane)

Our first Telephonic RPG! A primarily linear survival-horror mash-up of Dusk Til Dawn and. It was meant as a one shot just to see how roleplaying over a conference line would work but was well received and had plenty of scope to expand.

What Happened
Chris’funding for his department of parapsychology had been at risk from lack of funds for a long time when an eccentric but rich patron stepped forward. This reclusive patron, Samuel Keller, whom Chris had only before corresponded with via email, requested an urgent midnight meeting with the unassuming librarian.Feeling obliged, a little unsettled and not being a driver, he enlisted the help of his long time friend; survivalist – Frank.

Meanwhile celtic rocker Thane’s wanderlust bought him to Portland, where he had several friends and contacts. He was returning to his motel after performing a set at O’Bradys Live Music Lounge, where he had blacked out during his set and apprently delivered some sort of strange prophecy (Thane’s Prophecies are well known to his fans, but this one was stranger than most and creeped even him out.

Whilst all three of them were passing through the McArthur tunnel under the Casco Bay on that dark and stormy night, they were passed by motorcycle riders – a Mexican biker gang called the El Diablo’s who caused a tanker to crash, starting a massive pile-up rigt in the middle of the tunnel and then blocked the back of the pile-up by crashing a bus. The bikers trapped everyone between the tanker and the bus, set fire to them both and then began biting people, draining their blood, bringing them back to unlife and commanding them to kill.

Another group of El Diablos had attacked a black sedan car, from which a thin man in a suit with small round glasses emerged, who moved at incredible speeds. He was followed by a bodyguard who yelled out “Look out, Mr. Keller!” and a young woman in a business suit who ran for the emergency exit carrying a black Sportsbag.

Meanwhile, after the PC’s recovered from their shock they tried to stop these crazed killers – with Frank in particular proving to be one tough hombre. Chris fled after the woman with the bag and reached her just as she was shot right through the back by one of the El Diablos, and continued to drag her towards the exit. Soon the smoke from the fire and the number of ravening undead killers was more than most could stand and Thane and Chris carried the dying woman and the bag down the escape tunnels. Frank, fought valiantly and almost saved Keller before he had to run to avoid being overcome by smoke and ‘vampires’.

Before dying the woman imparted to Chris the black bag, and begged him to keep it safe from the ‘Sabbat’. Inside were numerous strange items which the group had little time to examine.

Then began a frantic chase through the escape tunnels just one step in front of the El Diablos; dealing with blocked security doors, the recently dead getting up again and howling for their blood, falling rubble from an explosion as the tanker finally blew up followed by rapidly flooding sections of tunnel.

Finally, exhausted, they climbed an access ladder to a control room and dodged through a slowing air-circulation turbine (except Frank who decided to use his head to stop it!) and exited on to the top of the tunnel entrance-way, some 40ft up. As the remaining El Diablos began to follow them up the turbine they were rescued by the Fire-Brigade, with survivalist Frank rigging a nasty trap for the first one through.

XP Awarded
Frank = 5XP, Thane = 5XP, Chris = 5XP

In all the chaos the PC’s decided it was best to slip away without being questioned by the authorities, and headed for somewhere they might be able to stop and work out what was going on…

Session 2

Present: Ben (GM), Tim (Chris), Jack (Frank), Scott (Thane), Jon (Eric)

This week was a bit last minute about whether everyone was available and wanted to continue, but we rolled with it, and it was good. Jon joined us for the first time and did a cracking good job.

What Happened…
Eric-the-cable-guy, a survivor of a kidnapping when he was a contractor in Iraq had been returning from a survivors self help group on the dark and stormy night. As he had approached the tunnel entrance, a massive pile-up occurred and he nearly crashed into the wedged bus. When it burst into flames he fell back along with several others. A couple of minutes later, leaping clear of the flaming wreckage like fleas came three Mexican Bikers and fled into the night, seconds later there was a huge explosion. Eric watched as the fire-crews rescused three people from the blaze who suddenly disappeared. On a whim Eric tried to follow them but as he was walking along the river path, a burnt man hauled himself from the river and collapsed into Eric’s arms. He had small round glasses and peircing eyes. Eric found himself letting the man drink some of his blood, and drinking some of his in return – after that the night was a blur, though he does remember stealing a car and driving the man somewhere. The next thing he remembers is waking up next to the burning car. Running away fromthe scene he felt incredibly strong and free, if somewhat confused and so decided to head for a Retreat on the outskirts of town he went to last year to get his head together.

After the chaos of the night Thane, Frank and Chris headed for one of Thane’s buddies on the outskirts of the city. Reece is an aging hippy and ex-rocker who runs a trendy ‘retreat’ for stressed city types. The PC’s turned up there in the early hours of the morning dirty, smelling of smoke, wounded and tired and Reece welcomed them all without question. After some time spent resting, the three pondered what they should do now their worlds had been flipped upside down. Suddenly they knew vampires existed, that they fought each other and, based on the news coverage of the incident, that the authorities cover it all up…

They began to mess around with the items in the sports bag;

…read Keller’s Journal and gained insight into the Vampire’s life.

…also studied the portions of Fragments of Ancient Text and identified it as ancient Sumerian and with more time could translate the whole thing.

…spent time looking at the Monocle – it caused strange distortions when looking through it, like everything was refracted into four distinct layers – Chris quickly discovered the first related to Kirilian auras, and the second seemed to indicate someone’s life force – with the living being bright and shiny (sparkly almost in the case of those with psychic potential), whilst the undead and those things touched by them had dark writhing shadow tentacles encircling them. The other two layers remain, as yet, a mystery to Chris.

…examined the Portrait of Keller, which in the tunnel the evening before had been fading, but now seemed to be growing stronger again. Examined with the monocle the portrait and frame seemed to be horribly distorted smothered in writhing black tentacle energy.

…placed the perpetually cold Ruby Ring on his finger and instantly felt a weighty mind rouse and say in an icy voice “WHO DISTURBS MY SLUMBER…”, with which he ripped off the ring.

…tested the Fang Dagger and cut his finger with it, the blade seemed to hunger for the blood and draw the blood deep within itself to sit in tiny carved runes along its length.

…put on the Gauntlet. He flexed his hand in it and whilst making a fist, released a mechanism that pushed 2 thin bolts from within the gauntlet into his flesh and his blood began to flow into the gauntlet. As he deperately tried to get the thing off his hand, his throwing / shaking gestures released a telekinetic burst from the glove which wrecked a zen rock garden within the retreat.

…felt that something metalic had been stitched into the lining of the bag, two Rune Etched Circles

Little examination was made of the Vials of Blood, Rough Hewn Statue, or Puzzlebox.

Soon Eric arrived at the retreat and spoke to Reece about his own ordeal last night and was pointed towards Frank as someone who had experienced something similar. Soon they were all talking over breakfast about what they had seen and a quick google-search later, deciding they needed some answers, they decided to head for Keller’s mansion.

XP Awarded
Thane 3XP, Frank 3XP and Chris 3XP. Eric 3XP (plus 3XP for characterisation, finding a good way to join up with the group and writing an IC Diary).

Frank decided he’d like to head to see his Mentor Matthew Knight to get some items and ask some questions before heading to Keller’s place.

IC: Eric's notepad - entry 1
Private, stored in his pocket

The Doctors told me I should start writing stuff down when the crazy comes back.

Last night was a crazy whirl. I nearly got knocked out by this huge explosion, and then this guy jumped on the hood of my car with what looked like fangs. It didn’t feel like one of my flashbacks but it felt like my world kinda went out of normal a bit..

On my way home, I rescued a guy from the river. I mean, I felt like I wanted to run away, but I knew I just had to get him out. He was burned, scorched and his skin was cracking – like that guy after the explosion in Iraq. I dragged him out of the river and then, it was weird, it was like we did some kinda blood pact – like we were going to be best sorority sisters or something and then I felt GOOD. It was like that time that Carlos slipped something in my drink in Kurdistan, and I spent the night in every club there was in that shitty town.

I broke into some guy’s car and stole it! I mean, MAN I never do that kind of crap – shure fire way to end up in clink. When I came to in the morning I was next to a burning car!

I started running to get away from the car and found myself going really crazy fast! I made my way to that retreat that I went to last year, and ended up talking to this guy who had some gauntlet thing attached to his wrist.

I got the gauntlet off his wrist and then he introduced me to his mates. Oh crap, they’re coming back…

The Keller Gambit, Pt.1
Session 3

Ben (Gm), Jack (Frank), Scott (Thane), Tim (Chris), Jon (Eric), Mike (Jay)

The first game with Mike joining us as Sgt. Jay McCoy. Mike did a fantastic job as a cop playing it just right.

What Happened…

XP Awarded:

Thane snatched Slick’s bike for his very own (discovering a map in a saddle bag)… And Jay searched Slick discovering a mobile phone (cheap prepay with only 1 number on it), and a switchblade knife

IC: Eric's notepad - entry 2
Private, stored in his pocket

OK, so we sat down to breakfast and next one of the guys starts talking about how he thought it was vampires. Next thing we’re all heading off to confront some guy. It’s all a bit of a blur.

We get to where Frank was living, and then his mate starts talking again about vampires, and then starts tooling up to go to war with them. We jump in a pair of cars, and set off across country. We’re just pulling up nearby…. Holy crap the house has been burned down… I think we’re going in.

IC: Eric's notepad - entry 3
Private - stored in his pocket

Oh wow. So tonight got even more crazy. So after we got to the house, we went inside, and I had this really weird reaction to these metal disks in the place. The rest of the guys prised them out of the floor and we started looking around. Next thing you know, I’ve spotted this guy jumping out of a high window, I chase after him and take him down. I mean, I know I’ve got fast and stuff since all this weird shit started happening, but seriously, I mean I totally took him down. It was such a buzz.

So he’s lying on the ground, he grows fangs, and I might have let events take over a bit, but next thing he’s telling me that I’m someone’s bitch and that they own me? Well screw that, I hog tie him with our new “friend” the cop’s cuffs, and we drag him back to the house to talk to him.

I, er, accidentally blow his hand off by making him touch the door to the cellar (what kind of weird shit is going on in this place) but then the vampire guy (‘cause, well, I’m assuming he’s a vampire – that’s what everyone else is saying so far) and me start to talk about a deal, where I get more of this powerful vampire stuff, and then Jay calls out that a load more of these vampires have just turned up.

I work a little magic of my own and pick the lock on the door, and we all waltz into a crypt. A fucking crypt, for crying out loud? I mean, who keeps coffins in their basement other than a funeral home? Am I right? Anyway, we go in, and our rockstar pulls out the stake of some woman‘s chest? Right about now, all I want to do is hightail out of there, but we close the door while she’s going on about being in some Camarilla or something and how she wants to kill all Bats? Next thing Jay wrecks my plans to get juiced up, and hands her the vampire, she does the fang thing, and suddenly Mr Vampy is dust. Not just metaphor metafor like gone, but real dust. I mean, like you’d get in a hover.

Anyway, meanwhile the new batch of guys is trying to get through the door, Chris finds a door, I head through it, while Jay is trying to stop vampy lady from going at another body in a coffin, and Frank is barracading the doors. I’m not sticking around to see either of those plays!

At the end of the corridor is a ladder, I head down, figuring I don’t really want to go UP (where the crazies are. Heh, I’m calling others crazy. Wow. I must be feeling better or some shit?) and find it basically just comes back up on itself. Maybe I’ll come back down here another time and poke around? Not sure, anyway.

I go back up, and there’s a guy on guard duty, I mean, like he’s hiding in the shadows, I nearly didn’t spot him! I know I’m not going to get out of here without leading him away or killing him, so I head over there and take him down, but he’s obviously stronger than the pussy I came up against before, so I can’t take him out, at least, not by myself, so I get him to come over to the well, and get him to bring some mates with him. In payment for this route in, he gives me a jar of blood, which I chug back – I mean, why not eh? Seemed to work for me last time.

Once everyone from this little gang is there I head down the well – quick fast, and dodge into a shadow while they carry on down to the bottom. Next thing I know, some BASTARD of a snake takes a chomp out of my leg, and while I’m getting rid of it, Thane goes all psycho on me and tries to rescue the snake! Well, I’m not taking that. I follow up with my previous plan and pour the remains of my bottle of Holy Water down on top of the guys who were going down the well, and then throw Thane down after them – after all, I’m not going to let myself stick around some guy who thinks it’s ok to sucker punch me, especially when I’m taking out the trash.

I head up the well, wreck all the bikes, bar one, which I steal, and then I head off to the last place that even vaguely made sense to me, Reece‘s place. I turn in for the night, and I’ll try to track down the others tomorrow.


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