RESURGAM ("I Will Rise Again")

Kiss Chase

Session 1

Present: Ben (GM), Jack (Frank), Tim (Chris) and Scott (Thane)

Our first Telephonic RPG! A primarily linear survival-horror mash-up of Dusk Til Dawn and. It was meant as a one shot just to see how roleplaying over a conference line would work but was well received and had plenty of scope to expand.

What Happened
Chris’funding for his department of parapsychology had been at risk from lack of funds for a long time when an eccentric but rich patron stepped forward. This reclusive patron, Samuel Keller, whom Chris had only before corresponded with via email, requested an urgent midnight meeting with the unassuming librarian.Feeling obliged, a little unsettled and not being a driver, he enlisted the help of his long time friend; survivalist – Frank.

Meanwhile celtic rocker Thane’s wanderlust bought him to Portland, where he had several friends and contacts. He was returning to his motel after performing a set at O’Bradys Live Music Lounge, where he had blacked out during his set and apprently delivered some sort of strange prophecy (Thane’s Prophecies are well known to his fans, but this one was stranger than most and creeped even him out.

Whilst all three of them were passing through the McArthur tunnel under the Casco Bay on that dark and stormy night, they were passed by motorcycle riders – a Mexican biker gang called the El Diablo’s who caused a tanker to crash, starting a massive pile-up rigt in the middle of the tunnel and then blocked the back of the pile-up by crashing a bus. The bikers trapped everyone between the tanker and the bus, set fire to them both and then began biting people, draining their blood, bringing them back to unlife and commanding them to kill.

Another group of El Diablos had attacked a black sedan car, from which a thin man in a suit with small round glasses emerged, who moved at incredible speeds. He was followed by a bodyguard who yelled out “Look out, Mr. Keller!” and a young woman in a business suit who ran for the emergency exit carrying a black Sportsbag.

Meanwhile, after the PC’s recovered from their shock they tried to stop these crazed killers – with Frank in particular proving to be one tough hombre. Chris fled after the woman with the bag and reached her just as she was shot right through the back by one of the El Diablos, and continued to drag her towards the exit. Soon the smoke from the fire and the number of ravening undead killers was more than most could stand and Thane and Chris carried the dying woman and the bag down the escape tunnels. Frank, fought valiantly and almost saved Keller before he had to run to avoid being overcome by smoke and ‘vampires’.

Before dying the woman imparted to Chris the black bag, and begged him to keep it safe from the ‘Sabbat’. Inside were numerous strange items which the group had little time to examine.

Then began a frantic chase through the escape tunnels just one step in front of the El Diablos; dealing with blocked security doors, the recently dead getting up again and howling for their blood, falling rubble from an explosion as the tanker finally blew up followed by rapidly flooding sections of tunnel.

Finally, exhausted, they climbed an access ladder to a control room and dodged through a slowing air-circulation turbine (except Frank who decided to use his head to stop it!) and exited on to the top of the tunnel entrance-way, some 40ft up. As the remaining El Diablos began to follow them up the turbine they were rescued by the Fire-Brigade, with survivalist Frank rigging a nasty trap for the first one through.

XP Awarded
Frank = 5XP, Thane = 5XP, Chris = 5XP

In all the chaos the PC’s decided it was best to slip away without being questioned by the authorities, and headed for somewhere they might be able to stop and work out what was going on…



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