RESURGAM ("I Will Rise Again")

IC: Eric's notepad - entry 3

Private - stored in his pocket

Oh wow. So tonight got even more crazy. So after we got to the house, we went inside, and I had this really weird reaction to these metal disks in the place. The rest of the guys prised them out of the floor and we started looking around. Next thing you know, I’ve spotted this guy jumping out of a high window, I chase after him and take him down. I mean, I know I’ve got fast and stuff since all this weird shit started happening, but seriously, I mean I totally took him down. It was such a buzz.

So he’s lying on the ground, he grows fangs, and I might have let events take over a bit, but next thing he’s telling me that I’m someone’s bitch and that they own me? Well screw that, I hog tie him with our new “friend” the cop’s cuffs, and we drag him back to the house to talk to him.

I, er, accidentally blow his hand off by making him touch the door to the cellar (what kind of weird shit is going on in this place) but then the vampire guy (‘cause, well, I’m assuming he’s a vampire – that’s what everyone else is saying so far) and me start to talk about a deal, where I get more of this powerful vampire stuff, and then Jay calls out that a load more of these vampires have just turned up.

I work a little magic of my own and pick the lock on the door, and we all waltz into a crypt. A fucking crypt, for crying out loud? I mean, who keeps coffins in their basement other than a funeral home? Am I right? Anyway, we go in, and our rockstar pulls out the stake of some woman‘s chest? Right about now, all I want to do is hightail out of there, but we close the door while she’s going on about being in some Camarilla or something and how she wants to kill all Bats? Next thing Jay wrecks my plans to get juiced up, and hands her the vampire, she does the fang thing, and suddenly Mr Vampy is dust. Not just metaphor metafor like gone, but real dust. I mean, like you’d get in a hover.

Anyway, meanwhile the new batch of guys is trying to get through the door, Chris finds a door, I head through it, while Jay is trying to stop vampy lady from going at another body in a coffin, and Frank is barracading the doors. I’m not sticking around to see either of those plays!

At the end of the corridor is a ladder, I head down, figuring I don’t really want to go UP (where the crazies are. Heh, I’m calling others crazy. Wow. I must be feeling better or some shit?) and find it basically just comes back up on itself. Maybe I’ll come back down here another time and poke around? Not sure, anyway.

I go back up, and there’s a guy on guard duty, I mean, like he’s hiding in the shadows, I nearly didn’t spot him! I know I’m not going to get out of here without leading him away or killing him, so I head over there and take him down, but he’s obviously stronger than the pussy I came up against before, so I can’t take him out, at least, not by myself, so I get him to come over to the well, and get him to bring some mates with him. In payment for this route in, he gives me a jar of blood, which I chug back – I mean, why not eh? Seemed to work for me last time.

Once everyone from this little gang is there I head down the well – quick fast, and dodge into a shadow while they carry on down to the bottom. Next thing I know, some BASTARD of a snake takes a chomp out of my leg, and while I’m getting rid of it, Thane goes all psycho on me and tries to rescue the snake! Well, I’m not taking that. I follow up with my previous plan and pour the remains of my bottle of Holy Water down on top of the guys who were going down the well, and then throw Thane down after them – after all, I’m not going to let myself stick around some guy who thinks it’s ok to sucker punch me, especially when I’m taking out the trash.

I head up the well, wreck all the bikes, bar one, which I steal, and then I head off to the last place that even vaguely made sense to me, Reece‘s place. I turn in for the night, and I’ll try to track down the others tomorrow.



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