RESURGAM ("I Will Rise Again")

IC: Eric's notepad - entry 1

Private, stored in his pocket

The Doctors told me I should start writing stuff down when the crazy comes back.

Last night was a crazy whirl. I nearly got knocked out by this huge explosion, and then this guy jumped on the hood of my car with what looked like fangs. It didn’t feel like one of my flashbacks but it felt like my world kinda went out of normal a bit..

On my way home, I rescued a guy from the river. I mean, I felt like I wanted to run away, but I knew I just had to get him out. He was burned, scorched and his skin was cracking – like that guy after the explosion in Iraq. I dragged him out of the river and then, it was weird, it was like we did some kinda blood pact – like we were going to be best sorority sisters or something and then I felt GOOD. It was like that time that Carlos slipped something in my drink in Kurdistan, and I spent the night in every club there was in that shitty town.

I broke into some guy’s car and stole it! I mean, MAN I never do that kind of crap – shure fire way to end up in clink. When I came to in the morning I was next to a burning car!

I started running to get away from the car and found myself going really crazy fast! I made my way to that retreat that I went to last year, and ended up talking to this guy who had some gauntlet thing attached to his wrist.

I got the gauntlet off his wrist and then he introduced me to his mates. Oh crap, they’re coming back…



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